San Francisco Giants Wheelchair Softball Team

San Francisco Wheelchair Giants 

The City of Sacramento, Department of Parks and Recreation, through our Parlaympic Sport Sacramento Club, in partnership with the San Francisco Giants and the Capital City Adaptive Athletes Foundation are seeking male or female athletes, ages 18 and older that use manual wheelchairs that would like to try out to become members of our elite, San Francisco Giants wheelchair softball team. This team will be members of the National Wheelchair Softball Association and play by the rules of that organization. Wheelchair softball was born 30 years ago in the Midwest by a few individuals with spinal cord injuries and lower extremity impairments, who wanted to enjoy America's greatest pastime. These individuals needed to develop a way of playing without the full use of their legs that would allow easy maneuverability in a wheelchair and keep the fast pace of softball. Thus was born a new game played on hard surfaces, such as a parking lot, instead of a traditional grassy infield, and a 16-inch softball, which allows wheelchair players to keep one hand on the wheelchair while catching a softball without a glove.

The team will practice locally (Sacramento) at the fully accessible River Cats Independence Field located at the Sam Pannell Community Center located in South Sacramento. There is plans to travel to regional and national events and tournaments. Interested athletes must send an email to request a pre-registration form. Every athlete will be required to provide documentation that they have a permanent disability to their lower extremity, and documentation of their level of injury, in order to qualify to try out for this team. Documentation must come from a licensed medical doctor and must be presented with registration form prior to the date of the try outs. The National Wheelchair Basketball Association functional classification system will be sued to assess each player. The try outs will be held on 2 consecutive days, and athletes are required to participate in both days. The team will be selected by staff members from Paralympic Sport Sacramento and announced at a press conference in the afternoon of the second day of the tryouts and players must be present at the announcement. Team will be selected based on athleticism, the need to complete the roster with specific positions to be filled, willingness and ability to attend practices and travel to regional and national events and tournaments, sportsmanship and camaraderie. A complimentary lunch will be provided on both days for each athlete that is pre-registered for the try outs. There is no cost to qualified athletes who meet the qualifications listed above and that have pre-registered for the two day event.


Please make check payable to: CCAAF- SF Wheelchair Giants
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