Molly Bloom

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Name:Molly Bloom
Disability:left-side hemi-pelvectomy, right-side missing lat
Length of Time Playing Basketball:10 years
Accomplishments:Basketball Stuff:

2017 – 2nd Place in National Championship Tournament, Women’s Division, PossAbilities Shield Maidens
2015 – co-founded the PossAbilities Women’s Shield Maidens
2014 – US Women’s National Team member
2014 – National Championship, Women’s Division, University of Arizona
2013-14 – University of Arizona Captain
2012-15 – Starter for University of Arizona women’s team
2011 - “Most Improved” and “Sportsmanship Award”, Women’s Division National Championship Tournament
2011 – National Championship, Women’s Division, Denver Rolling Nuggets

Outside of basketball: I am passionate about disability advocacy and got my M.A. in 2014 in anthropology. I am currently working on my PhD.
Interests:Aside from basketball, I love swimming, cooking vegan food, and reading detective novels.
Inspirational Quote:“Don’t take yourself so seriously!”
Who Inspires You:My wife, Courtney Ryan, who’s taught me everything about basketball and a lot about life too.